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I’m proud of each and every piece in my Author Portfolio, and hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. I believe an author only controls half of the reader experience, the other half rests in the heart, mind, and soul of the reader. My part is done, and the rest is up to you...


Coming Soon

A stand-alone, slow-burn historical romance as only Nancy Kimball could write. "He understands horses, not people. She thinks she understands all men, until she meets this one. Set in the magnificent and deadly world of Roman chariot racing, their fight to live the lives they want for themselves will carry readers through a journey of secrets and sacrifice, loss and grief, laughter and light, allies and enemies, from cover to cover."

NANCY says "Reader friends! This was my WIP (work in progress) finished December 2022. It is now in revisions and editing stages and I'm so excited to share the cover design, excerpts and more with you as we march toward a summer release date!" 

Close up black-and-white portrait of white Spanish horse with long mane..jpg


April 2014

Betrayal made him a slave. Love made him a gladiator. Faith will make him a legend.

  • 2015 Audiobook Publisher's Association Finalist, Inspirational & Faith-Based Fiction

  • 2014 Grace Award Winner

  • 2012 American Christian Fiction Writers' Genesis Finalist, Historical Fiction

CTL Cover Composite_edited_edited.jpg


October, 2016

She has an uncertain future. He has a hidden past. Can a forbidden romance save them both?

  • 2013 American Christian Fiction Writers' Genesis Finalist, Historical Romance

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