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Author, avid reader, and shameless hero addict, Nancy Kimball loves books, Ancient Rome and all things gladiator. She makes her home in Houston, Texas with her husband, stepsons, and one very spoiled pitbull mix named Eric T. Nancy is a 2015 Grace Award recipient, a two-time ACFW Genesis finalist, a Romance Writers of America Lonestar finalist in the Inspirational Category, and together with her narrator, a 2015 Audio Publishers Association Audie Award Finalist. Though she still doesn't understand the point of white crayons, she is passionate about writing unforgettable stories with real characters that rise from brokenness to victory.



Word on the Street

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Right about the time I was getting the hang of this author gig in 2015, PLOT TWIST! Enter my hubby and his two teen boys. Stepmom life was a special kind of trial by fire. For anyone walking that road, I highly recommend the book "Stepmonster" by Wednesday Martin. So many things will make more sense. Those moments when one of my kids kicked my butt at an xbox game and laughs, or 'fessed up to <insert shenanigan>, or asked for seconds of my homemade broccoli beef... all worth it. Like getting a new review on one of my books. I praise God for the family He rebuilt from ashes. We are empty nesters now, and I am so grateful that our young men continue to grow and thrive in their new phase of life. It has opened a new chapter in mine, as Mr. K and I travel more, find new hobbies, and I make more time to focus on my writing and my novels!

Stepmom Life


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