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  • Nancy Kimball

Easter 2019 - Kimball Style

I didn't post a He Is Risen meme to social media. We didn't color eggs.

We did go to church. And Mr. K and I got in a disagreement before we even made it to the car. We parked in the last row of the parking lot and sat on the front row in the sanctuary to make room for our Easter and Christmas only attenders. We made welcome the deaf young woman sitting behind us. We made way for the service dog coming down our crowded aisle. We smiled and shook hands with our muslim neighbors from a local mosque that Pastor Steve invited to see how we celebrate our high holy day.

I sat there remembering how only three days before I'd sat in this same room worshipping with some of our local churches, celebrating our diversity, and coming together to worship our King. During Holy Week, and its pinnacle today, what struck me most is that when His Church is getting it right, and loving the way He said in His Word to love, and WE *are* the church, ya'll, that's how we proclaim the gospel.

That's how we draw others to Him.

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